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Red Dragon's Journal

Red Dragon
I am a mentally ill 40-something guy on disability that's chronicling most likely the last few years of my life, or at least until I still have internet access.

I used to really be into politics, but have realized that the entire American political system is fubared and it doesn't matter what political affiliation you lean towards or vote for. I have had past interests but they seem to be waning each day...those were: mmorpg gaming, music collecting/listening, science fiction, astronomy and cosmology.

I've been doing this journal since August 2000, but was friends-only until around 2008. It is now public. Before then it consisted mostly of my internet "travels", meaningless daily activities, movie reviews, strange dream accounts, an occasional rant or two, and whatever else that came up. But now it is mostly a vivid look into my crappy life. Sure, it may be "emo" or "whiney" but if you don't like it, don't read it. And those of you who haven't a freaking CLUE what chronic mental illness is, please leave your bias and opinions to yourselves.

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